February Special Days

Every month comes with its own unique occasions and special days to share with your loved ones. One month where there is a great deal to celebrate when it comes to love is the month of February.

With Valentine’s Day being the highlight of the month of February, many people plan for it well in advance. In fact many people actually celebrate Valentine week, or as it is commonly referred to, love week. Instead of focusing on just one day, the 14th of February, many people have taken a liking to spreading out this special occasion over a more extended period of time – throughout the whole week leading up to the 14th of February. This gives them a better opportunity to do things more passionately and in style, and needless to say, the whole week is characterised with the beauty of love and how it can really make your life so much better!

If you were not aware of these February special days leading up to Valentine’s Day, here is a breakdown of what each day of Valentine week signifies.

7th February – Rose Day

Roses come in different colors and each colors has a different meaning. On this day people give a rose to their loved ones depending on what they mean to them. For instance, a red rose signifies love, whereas a yellow one denotes friendship and a white rose signifies peace.

8th February – Propose Day

This day is reserved for a special moment in the life of every couple – the much awaited proposal! So if you are intending to propose to your partner, this is the best day to do it! Make sure to plan it well so as to make it as special and as romantic as can be.

9th February – Chocolate Day

Most people simply adore chocolate. There is no denying that a box of chocolates makes for a perfect gift. This particular day is named Chocolate Day where you should give chocolates as a gift to your loved one.

10th February – Teddy Day

Just as chocolates are loved by many, so are soft and fluffy teddy bears! Giving a cute soft toy to your loved one on this special day in February is certainly a nice and endearing treat!

11th February – Promise Day

When you are in a relationship with someone you should make it a point to be truthful. So, when you make a promise you should be aware of what you are saying so as to show that you really mean it. On Promise day you should make a meaningful promise to your loved one in a bid to enrich your relationship and make things even better.

12th February – Hug Day

A warm hug is simply one of the best gestures you could do. When you hug someone meaningfully you are showing how much you care. Make sure to reserve plenty of warm hugs for your loved on this special day.

13th February – Kiss Day

A kiss can mean so much. It is a way of showing your love and affection, as well as your willingness to give yourself to someone you love. Express your love through kisses on this special day on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

14th February - Valentine’s Day

Finally Valentine’s Day has arrived. You have made each day of the past week a celebration of your love, and on Valentine’s Day it will all reach the epitome. Make sure you spend a lot of time doing something special and memorable with your loved one on Valentine’s Day!

May these February special days and Valentine’s Day itself be as special as can be! Enjoy!