Square meter to Square feet - Square feet to m2

If you want to convert square feet to square meters, you are not alone! Even if you are an American, you will need to understand the math if you are shopping for houses, apartments or office spaces or rentals in many buildings across the Atlantic.

If you want to convert square feet to square meters, you are not alone! Even if you are an American, you will need to understand the math if you are shopping for houses, apartments or office spaces or rentals in many buildings across the Atlantic.


Square meter to square feet - square feet to square meter (m2)


To do some on-the-fly calculations, you need to keep in mind that a square foot equals one-tenth of (approximately) one square meter. And the meter happens to be the general unit to measure the length in roughly all the countries outside the US. Today, it is also a universal standard for measuring length used by the scientific or academic community.


However, let us quickly do a simple mathematical conversion of square feet to square meter, shall we? The first thing to do would be to figure out the primary value.  for example, Let's make use of  300 square feet first.


Multiply the first value (the 300 square feet) by a fixed conversion factor. To illustrate, you will multiply the square feet with (0.09290304 sq. meters / 1 sq. feet)

- which is the conversion factor. You have to also note that in the following instance how square feet units get canceled out. Let us continue with our example. It would look something like this: 300 square feet x (0.09290304 sq. meters / 1 sq. feet)


Now write down the value that you got here and simple label that with Square meter. That is the final value, which is equal to your initial value (300 sq. feet). This means the value could be: 200 sq. feet x (0.09290304 sq. meters / 1 sq. feet )= 27.87091 square meters. Here, we have rounded to 2 decimal places. Are you wondering how this conversion factor came? We got it by simply squaring that conversion factor of base units (i.e. 0.3048 meters / 1 foot).


The SI is formally known as the International System of Units. It defines 1 square meter as a unit to measure land areas. Nevertheless, the US and many other nations are now using square-foot as the unit to measure areas. On the first of July, 1959, the US NBS or National Bureau of Standards declared that a foot equals to 1,200/3,937 meter.


And that is how the formula came to convert to square meters. It's the same as what we said earlier to convert a foot into a meter we only need to divide 1,200 by 3,937. which will give us the.3048 factor.

To convert a square meter measurement to a square foot measurement, just multiply the area by the conversion ratio. One square meter is equal to 10.76391 square feet, it comes easy when you make use of the simple formula for conversion.


square feet  equal square meters × 10.76391

The area in square feet is equal to the area in square meters multiplied by 10.76391.


For example, if you want to convert 5 square meters to square feet using the above formula.

5sqm equals (5 × 10.76391) = 53.819552 sqft

Both Square meters and square feet are units for measuring areas. to learn more about each unit of measures read further.


Calculating Square Meters

One square meter is equal to the area of a square with sides that have 1-meter length.


Square meter is the SI derived unit for Area in the metric system. Here are some of denotations or representations for a square meter it can be written Square meters or be abbreviated as sq m, and sometimes it can simply be abbreviated as m². For example, 1 square meter can also be written as 1 sqm or 1 m².


Calculating the area of a space using the square meter calculator


Square Feet Calculation

One square foot is the same thing as the area of a square with sides that are 1 foot in length.[2] One square foot is roughly equal to 144 square inches.


The square foot is a US standard and imperial unit of area. A square foot is often time referred to as a square ft. Square feet can also be abbreviated as sqft, and sometimes it's abbreviated as ft². For instance, 1 square foot can at the same time be written as 1 sq ft or 1 ft².



Below is the Square Meter to Square Foot Conversion Table

Square meter measurements converted to square feet


Square Meters           Square Feet

1 sq m             10.76 sq ft

2 sq m                 21.53 sq ft

3 sq m                 32.29 sq ft

4 sq m             43.06 sq ft

5 sq m             53.82 sq ft

6 sq m                  64.58 sq ft

7 sq m                  75.35 sq ft

8 sq m                  86.11 sq ft

9 sq m                 96.88 sq ft

10 sq m                 107.64 sq ft

11 sq m                            118.4 sq ft

12 sq m                            129.17 sq ft

13 sq m                            139.93 sq ft

14 sq m                            150.69 sq ft

15 sq m                            161.46 sq ft

16 sq m                             172.22 sq ft

17 sq m                             182.99 sq ft

18 sq m                             193.75 sq ft

19 sq m                              204.51 sq ft

20 sq m                               215.28 sq ft

21 sq m                               226.04 sq ft

22 sq m                               236.81 sq ft

23 sq m                247.57 sq ft

24 sq m                258.33 sq ft

25 sq m                              269.1 sq ft

26 sq m                              279.86 sq ft

27 sq m                              290.63 sq ft

28 sq m                              301.39 sq ft

29 sq m                              312.15 sq ft

30 sq m                              322.92 sq ft

31 sq m                              333.68 sq ft

32 sq m                              344.45 sq ft

33 sq m                              355.21 sq ft

34 sq m                              365.97 sq ft

35 sq m                              376.74 sq ft

36 sq m                              387.5 sq ft

37 sq m                              398.26 sq ft

38 sq m                              409.03 sq ft

39 sq m               419.79 sq ft

40 sq m               430.56 sq ft

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