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Are you curious about your age in exact number of years, months, and days? Or perhaps, are you curious about any other person’s years? Do you want to count the years between the two dates? You can count the exact years between two dates by using our year calculator online. Using year calculator is very easy. You just need to fill the input in the first date and a second date.

The first date should be the start date for the math. Then the second date is the end date for the calculation. That’s it! In seconds, you will see the exact result of the years between two dates. It is simple and straightforward to use it. Moreover, you can enjoy this service for free, without spending a single dime.

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The leap years

If you wonder if our year calculator also include the leap years, then the answer is a big YES. Chances are many people get confused when it comes to the bracket February 29. Many made mistakes because of the leap year. But rest assured that when you use our year calculator online to count years between dates, there is also a leap year in the calculation.

There will be the day which is off by one. That is because of the leap years. Don’t fret though since the year calculator online can manage the accurate information which is correct and full filling.


The order of filling the information

Many people have failed to count years between dates since they didn’t fill the first date before the second. Well, you might experience it if you use poor service. On the other side, our year calculator is the most updated free app that you can use through your favorite browser. You have the freedom to set the dates in either order you like. You can even set the same dates for both boxes. If you’re curious, you can also do some experimental stuff. You just need to hit the button, let the tool figure that out for you.


The perk

The year calculator can help you to calculate the number of years, months and days for the ending date you fill. You might be one of many people who are curious about the exact age of you, someone you know, or strangers. Rather than counting the years manually, why not use our free year calculator online instead?

The year calculator will also tell you exactly the precise years between two dates. So, if you need the exact data to celebrate anything, inform anything, or any different purpose, this tool can be really helpful for you.

The calculator will also tell you what date you will be at a certain age.


When did humans start counting year?

There is no definite answer to this but averages and experts can only speculate for the best scenarios. There was the beginning of time, the universe, life, earth, and anything. There was also the beginning of humans. But no one can be really sure about our ancestors who counted the years. We can only know that the dates before the birth of Christ were the most precision.

But in many different cultures, the human age can be counted in exact different ways. The calculator is based on the common age system. Your age, for instance, will start as soon after your birthday. But in reality, people often forget to add 9 months more to their age. Well, you know, we had been living with our mother 9 months before coming out to the world.

Regardless of the differences, we are still using the same system. For instance, if you have lived for over 31 years, the counting will be still 31 years although there are months after the year. If you have lived for 31 years and 11 months, it does still count as 31 years old. You will turn to 32 one month later. Both western and eastern parts of the world have been using this system for years.

In many cultures, age is countable based on the years with or without including the current year.

But there is another year system. In the traditional Chinese age system, the starting year of the newborn is at age 1. Then the age will develop based on the Traditional Chinese New Year calendar. So, the person will add in age in the Traditional Chinese New Year instead of his or her birthday. It looks odds but it is how they have counted the age for centuries for instance, if a baby was born a day before the Traditional Chinese New Year, the next day he or she will be at the 2 years old age although the newborn is only 2 days old.

The counting like this can be very confusing. Not to mention that there are different numbers of days for each month of the year. The result of the year calculator can be confusing if you count it manually. For instance, we realize that from February 21 to March 21 is one month. But how can we be sure that it is literally 30 days?

One month does not always have to be 31 or 30 days. In February, the days will be different. The uneven number of days often lead people to confusion and mistakes when scheduling their trips, managing social gathering events, or any other important purposes. Although you can count the years between dates manually, there’s a point wherein you cannot do multiple things at the same time. As a result, you will be wasting your time for nothing.

Let us prevent that for you. Whether you are counting your own age, someone you know, planning a travel itinerary, counting your baby age, let’s our tool do the hard work for you. All you need to do is just fill in the blank for the starting date and the ending date. Then hit the button to proceed with the calculation. The next thing to do is just sit back and relax and let our tool do the counting for you. The result will come in seconds. You have the freedom to experiment and try a few interesting things. It will be fruitful and fun!